flower farm and floral design studio


Friendly Flower Farm and Floral Design studio based in North Herefordshire run by sister duo Debbie and Melissa. 

~ Flower Farm ~
Providing beautiful seasonal British flowers to florists, artisan floral designers, freelancers, brides and general public. The location is a 9 acre small holding near Bodenham where the many varieties of blooms and foliage grow surrounded by honey bees and other livestock such as the local Ryland sheep breed, the wool of which play their own important part in protecting plants and shrubs during the colder winter months.

~ Floral Design Studio ~
Flowers never go out of fashion! They are also natures greatest artists and paint a picture consisting of a huge array of colours, shapes and sizes. Enchanting, romantic, ethereal at times, each season brings with it it’s own palette and textures with which we use to create our own compositions. We work with the flowers, respecting the properties of individual varieties and will assist every client in providing and creating the perfect showcase, enhancing any venue or landscape.

Available April ~ October

our plot.....

 (no, not that plot.....the plot, our story)

It started, as all great ideas do, over a glass (or two) of wine!

Melissa (floral design) and Debbie (flower farm) are a sister duo living in the Herefordshire countryside




Melissa has a background in design and has been lucky enough to have exhibited at prestigious venues such as Somerset House and Southwark Cathedral in London. She loves anything that requires a creative input and a challenge which involves pushing the boundaries or thinking outside the box. She has a passion for all things floral and is a bit of a perfectionist!!!!!!!!



After spending 24 years in the Army, Debbie retired to live on a smallholding in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside with her family. Keeping them pleasantly busy (and out of trouble) are their livestock comprising of the local breed of Ryeland sheep,  sebastopol geese, hens, honey bees, ducks, 2 dogs and a feral cat... (don't think i have missed any...oh the 2 kids!!!).  The flower farm has been established in one of the fields and is very much a family affair with husband Hutch (her very own Dick Strawbridge) stepping in whenever Debbie sees him stood still for more than a minute. He does a sterling job building whatever is required to enable the smooth running of the flower farm. 

‘it started, as all great ideas do, over a glass (or two) of wine’