flower farm and floral design studio


like the idea of designing your own wedding flowers? a range of gorgeous blooms from Twisted Sisters flower farm can be a budget friendly option for creatives. brave, but not that brave? mix it up a bit and choose a few special items from the a la carte menu.

"The term capsule collection refers to a collection made up of a few pieces which can be easily combined and interchanged" (vogue). This package is perfect for couples who love Twisted Sisters 'fresh from the garden style', but do not require large arrangements or on-site set up. This unique Option is ideal for those who only need personal flowers, centrepieces and a few focal arrangements.  

The 'bespoke' package is aimed at couples who require a full floral service. from particular colour palettes to individually designed arrangements and flower structures. this collaboration is for you if your requirements are more specific and individual.   


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