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Our Plot | Sister Duo, Melissa & Debbie | Twisted Sisters

Read the story of our friendly flower farm and floral design studio based in North Herefordshire, run by sister duo Melissa & Debbie.

our plot.....

(no, not that plot.....the plot of our story)




it all started, as all great ideas do, over a glass (or two) of wine.....

Melissa (Floral Design) and Debbie (Flower Farm) are a sister duo living in the herefordshire countryside.

Melissa has a background in design and has been lucky enough to have exhibited at prestigious venues such as somerset house and southwick cathedral in london. she loves anything that requires a creative input and a challenge which involves pushing the boundaries or thinking outside the box. she has a passion for all things floral and is a bit of a perfectionist!!!!!!!!

after spending 24 years in the army, Debbie retired to live on a smallholding in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside with her family. keeping them pleasantly busy (and out of trouble) are the local breed of ryeland sheep,  sebastopol geese, hens, honey bees, ducks, 2 dogs and a feral cat... (don't think i have missed any...oh the 2 kids!!!).  the flower farm has been established in one of the fields and is very much a family affair with husband Hutch (her very own dick strawbridge) stepping in whenever Debbie sees him stood still for more than a minute. he does a sterling job building whatever is required to enable the smooth running of the flower farm. 


‘it all started, as great ideas often do, over a glass of wine...’